Tools with a Mission (MM221)

A few days back I blipped a couple of shoe maker's lasts and an anvil which have become part of the collection of tools we have donated to Tools with a Mission, a church based charity who will clean up, sharpen, sort into kits (carpenter, mechanic etc) and send them off to Africa where they will hopefully allow someone to support their family and local community -  this is the back of the collector's car just before he went. 

There is also a dust extractor (big vacuum cleaner) which we forgot to put in, but I can take that to a local collection point after Gill and I make our hire van run next week.  

I'll put this in for mono Monday contrasts, as what we see as good tools which we can't use or already have, could make a major difference to someone elses' life. 

Thanks to Chantler63 for hosting.

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