Bus Challenge No 138!

Colerne, Wiltshire

Into Bath to meet up with my Bus Challenge friend and to take a scenic second bus ride east, up on to the edge of the Cotswolds and to Colerne. From Colerne we set off on a walk that took us down into the valley, then back up the other side, passing Peter Gabriel’s music studios, to Box, the village that you can see in the distance. After a picnic lunch in the sun in the churchyard, we took the bus back into Bath and then home.

Only a three mile walk, and mixed weather, but a lovely walk, through lanes bedecked in Hawthorn blossom, Primroses, Violets and Wild Garlic, all accompanied by the sounds of babbling brooks, squawking pheasants and the beautiful melody of a Skylark. (See extra for a collage of today’s sights, wish I could add sound!)

Total bus journey time = 1 hour 43 mins
Waiting time between buses = 29 mins
Total journey time = 2 hours 12 mins

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