By mollyblobs

Stoking up

After a long cold spring this bee fly Bombylius major was very intent on feeding on the sallow blossom, and didn't take any notice of my lens shoved in its face. It was wonderful to be out recording in warm, sunny weather - such a change from a couple of days ago. 

Pete and I had a mammoth walk round the urban streets of south Lincoln, which were surprisingly interesting botanically, and yielded a new VC record for Pink Shepherd's-purse, a Mediterranean species that seems to be spreading north in the UK. 

We then trekked round Stapleford Wood, where the sallow blossom was also attracting several species of bumblebee. By the time we set off for home, my left hip was feeling quite sore, but luckily the A1 was quiet and not many gear-changes were required! After a bit of a rest it was fine again - no lasting damage.

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