A big bird.

I went window shopping for a new car this afternoon at the Ford dealership in Kelso. The car I wanted to look at, however, was at their Berwick showroom, but I sat down with the nice young salesman and we discussed figures.

I am waiting on results of a hospital test I had last week, before I make any big descisions. The consultant is sure there will be no problems, so fingers crossed they don’t sell the one I was looking at.

On my way home I nipped in to St Boswells bus depot to have a coffee and a catch up. I was there for nearly three hours. Another big descision for me to make in a couple of weeks. When we were standing outside the front door, to let Tony have a fag, or three, a huge aeroplane went past, low and fairly slow. My DSLR was in the car, so I tried to capture it on my iPhone. Luckily, a second one wasn’t far behind it, and my phone was still in my hand. The shot doesn’t really do justice to how close it was.

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