Running Late

again. I don't suppose I'll ever change. I got the last bike in the spinning class and  I seem to have improved since I last did it as I can get up better when cycling off the saddle. I'm going again tomorrow thanks to Mrs Mummy. I fear I would make excuses not to go if she didn't encourage me.
Thank you dear daughter.

I bought this little clock for £1.99 from IKEA yesterday for my "dressing room" .........that sounds posh.................Unfortunately I don't have a maid or a butler. In Kenya, back in the day (the 70's) we had a houseboy called Joseph (he was from the West of Kenya, from the Luo ethnic  group.......a lovely guy and he worked hard.............we didn't like having a servant but as everyone else did it we did too. That's human nature for you which I don't necessary do now ) We also had Patrick who did gardening...........not !!     He just chatted and did a little bit of hoeing and he was in a band. It gave him some employment. He was from the Kikuyu ethnic group. They were both lovely guys. Maybe when it comes to posting the old photos I could post him with our Douglas as a baby ???

So in other more boring news I have been sorting out another big box of photos, which I am glad to have found in one respect ........I have had a lot of laughs with that.............but in other news it took ages and maybe I don't have too much time left in the world. I'm a horribly conscientious person.......... Being the first in the family possibly. Well far too much information so if you have gotten this far I give you 5 stars and congratulations.

Get back to ya soon

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