The beauty of spring

It's been a beautiful day with temperatures over 25 C (over 77 F) and literally everything is budding, blossoming or otherwise showing it's come out of hibernation. BobsBlips, the host of Wide Wednesday, thanks to him !, set the theme for today on Beauty, I so like the delicate shimmering green of just opened leaves and the pastels of the blossoms, with that blue sky it does look like a little paradise. As you can see from the pano our own magnolia tree is almost done with its flowers ! But the mini azaleas are already starting to bloom as is the camelia. What is also happening is clouds and clouds of pollen from the firs, I can't stay outside too long and I do know I'll probably regret having been in the garden tomorrow, the hayfever is already making my head ache.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's nuts Blip. All in all the tests went fine, although my veins were not going to make it easy to tap off any blood, the nurses almost gave up (apparently they're only allowed to try 6 times, they managed to fill all tubes on the 5th try). The mental tests were the same as every year, it's always weird and strenuous to do cognitive tests for hours on end. I'll have an MRI on the brain next Saturday and after that I'll get some news on any visible deterioration over the year(s).

Remember that tomorrow's Abstract Thursday theme is 'impressionist', there are many ways to make an impressionist abstract, by blurring, by intentional camera movement, by home-made filters, by apps, so have fun and hopefully great weather to make your abstracts. The tag will be AT147

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