Here and Now

By Mole

Whensday Shadows

A phone call from a former colleague stirred up a ton of memories. In my nutshell, a lot of people helped me help a lot of other people. I was watching 2 hawks soaring in circles in the sunshine while John sat at his desk. How’s retirement? 500% underrated! :)

I opted for this photo of wild garlic (that I REALLY wish I could clear from our yard!!!!!!!) in favor of career momentos. Partly because it’s so nice to feel almost anonymous again. And also because it depicts for me, the smoothing of rough edges, the light others have shared, and the whimsy that shadows create.

And now, back to watching the waxwings slurp water from the ground just a few yards away....have a wonderful evening in blipland :)

Thanks to the wild one Callieach for hosting Wild Whensday :)

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