It Started Down Under

By dirk

Day 3, more flying

Another short day because I left early and arrived lately but was travelling through different time zones.
On the photo you can see a nice sign at Hongkong Airport and in the upper right corner a beautiful island that we flew over. It was somewhere above Indonesia.

This flight came a lot harder to me. I slept some, but afterwards I woke up only more tired and a bit nautious. The airplane was 3 times as noisy in comparisson to the first two flights I had been on.

Once in Melbourne, it was dark again and soon I was taken care of by Lisa and Mason (her son). In the car to "home" I started to realize how big Melbourne actually is! It took us half an hour by car while driving 100 km/h to get from North Melbourne to East Melbourne.

The warm air in Melbourne in the evening reminded me of my holiday in Turkey several years ago, it made me fatigued. After having a drink and a tour around the house I went to bed around 1 o'clock Australian time.

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