Daily Wild

By emyjane


Oh Gene - what a blackbird he is!  He had a mate at the very beginning called 'Kelly' (now you understand the name!) but she was taken right in front of me by a sparrowhawk a few years ago - so he hooked up with 'Grace' (don't you love my names?) who's mate was taken by a cat...  Gene is now with 'Betty', as he and Grace broke up because another male turned her eye - blackbirds certainly don't mate for life!  Anyhow - Gene - I know it's him, as he's the only blackbird I know who lets his wings hang low, such a distinctive look - and if anyone can remember, many many years ago, I had a a blackbird called 'Elgar'?  I like to think he is part of the family - as he's so handsome! 

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