Around Town

I needed to go over the river to B & J's house this morning.  I had a great visit with them and even came away with a couple of ivy cuttings.

On the way home I decided to take a slight detour through downtown and take a few snaps when stopped at intersections.

The large photo is City Hall which is looking fabulous after all the time and dollars spent on renovations.

The downtown main Post Office shows the flag at half staff in honour of the passing of Barbara Bush.

My chives are in bloom.  I ignore them and they just keep on keeping on.

Could they put any more stantions on top of that building?!

It wasn't hot outside but that dog was acting like it was very hot and tired.  It was being dragged along by the guy as he walked down the road.  The dog did not look happy.

Just an interesting bridge/overpass shot.

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