See it, Snap it, Share it

By pplnani

Morning Dew

I recently got an email from a friend telling me that an otter had been seen not too far away, so I thought I would check it out.
As it had been seen early in the morning I got up at stupid o'clock and arrived at the place before half eight. I then had to walk a mile to where it had been seen which took another 15 minutes ( I'm no Roger Bannister) to find a sweet little lagoon with lovely reflections ( see extra) but no otter.
It was extremely peaceful there so hanging around for a while in the early morning sunshine wasn't a chore.........sadly the otter didn't show :-(..........maybe even with my Herculean effort to get up and out early I was still too late, who knows.......but it was lovely to have had a walk before it got too hot ( my car said it was 26 degrees when I arrived home at 11.30!!).

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