Robbie Burns

Robert Burns -
Born January 1759 - Died July 1796
"The Largest Soul of all the British Lands"
This statue was presented to the people of Timaru by
James Carnegie Esq., MP
22nd May, 1913.

He was beheaded back in 2012 - the story  In my research, there are four statues of Robbie in New Zealand - Auckland, and three in the South Island.... Hokitika, Timaru and Dunedin.

Started our spinning/craft group this morning - we seem to get later and later each year.  Lots of chatter and catching up was done....whipped into the Botanical Gardens for a blip.  Saw Robbie at the entrance begging to be Pep Ventosa'd.....managed to walk (sort of successfully) around 60% of the tree, the other 40% would have had lots of buildings messing up the background.....18 images, done !!

Warm toastie autumn day - 23 deg, what a week we are having, loving it. I hear on the news that the UK (or parts of it) are sweltering today, they've waited long enough.

Enjoy your weekend blippers


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