By Bella888

FF20_2018: Pieris (in the heatwave)

We walked down a suburban road to the podiatrist. One mile from us on the coast, but so different. Delightful tree-lined roads, blossom trees, manicured gardens. Spoilt for choice. The magnolia were hanging on and still magnificent. But I have always liked the fiery red of Pieris, so this is my choice for today.

Still enjoying a morning breeze, will soon be pulling down the blinds and closing the curtains. And have to go out soon. Hope it’s a bit cooler than yesterday, not optimistic. Does anyone else fade in the heat? At least we weren’t in London yesterday, record highs of 29C for April (since 1949).

Non-GB Blippers must be amused, snow a couple of weeks ago, now a heat-wave.

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