Desperately seeking

By clickychick

World Tour of Scotland - 2 Chanonry Point

We found a first class caravan site just south of Inverness at Daviot, "Auchnahillin", can't recommend it strongly enough. Water jet cubicles in  the shower room and a microwave to use in the kitchen!

Anyhow, the main activity of today was to go through Inverness to Chanonry Point on the Black Isle to see if we could see any dolphins. They are usually active during the incoming tide so we got up early and drove there early and made our way towards a group of photographers.

Now, late last night I got an excruciating pain in my right foot and couldn't weight-bear. The pain was only marginally less today, so I hobbled using my monopod as a walking stick and made life easy by only taking the camera and the 100 - 400mm lens with me. As I approached I could see the dorsal fins only a few yards from the shore but just couldn't get the shots.

No worries, there were plenty of shots to be had of up to 5 dolphins at a time. They weren't jumping but it was great to get my first sighting and shots of wild dolphins! In the afternoon we had a look around the sores of Loch Ness. (Extra)

The only explanation I could give for having and extremely sore foot was that, in getting a viewpoint for yesterday's blip, I stumbled and fell into a ditch. The only thing that hurt at the time was my pride!

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