Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Dominant Air

The 'Links Market' again.
There is one ride that has dominated this fair in recent years.  It is a ride called 'AIR'. You can't fail to spot it, day or night, as you look along the Esplanade. You can see it as a bright triangle in yesterday's blip.
This ride spins 30 people at a time 100 feet above the ground with three degrees of freedom.

I have added an 'extra' showing just one frame from the series.

Here, I have combined 40 separate images inspired by Pep Ventosa, though instead of me moving 360 degrees, I let the ride rotate 360 degrees. No attempt has been made to align the multiple separate hand-held captures.

Unfortunately, I'm a day late for the Abstract Thursday Challenge but I;m going to tag it AT147 anyway.

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