Life in Canada

By MissMacPic


Pepé le Pew...what a surprise!!  He was not concerned at all about me as I see that he was making short order of some sunflower seeds left for the birds.  Rather concerned me as there are more people coming to this area with the warm weather approaching (finally, I think!) and I don't want someone to get bitten or sprayed.  I have seen the effects of a skunk digging in my garden but was still shocked to see how very long those nails are! By the length of the nails and the various little scars on this guy, I am assuming that he is an older skunk.

Silly moment of the day:  a woman with three very young children was approaching so I wanted to warn her before one of her kids went running up to the skunk.  She said, 'Oh, that's cool.  Here, go give it this." And proceeded to hand her little boy a peanut!!  Not a good idea, I told her.  Yeesch!  She was a tad annoyed with me.  Oh well.

Even though seeing the skunk was unusual, the highlight was seeing a Pileated Woodpecker as it swooped through the trees.  Hopefully, it will be sticking around and I will get a better shot of it soon.

Weekend is finally here....ahhhhhh.  I hope you all have a restful one, filled with sunshine and happiness!

D x

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