The Mammal's Perspective

By Esper

Receiving Distress Signals On Multiple Frequencies

A gift found by a very cool colleague among the thousands of donations made to our school bazaar which took place today. I tried it on, but this Nyota Uhura costume looks far better on Valerie than it does on me. If Valerie has even half the wit of the mighty Nichelle Nichols, then I will be extremely pleased. Not only did Ms. Nichols receive a personal request from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. not to quit her Star Trek role, the best Uhura line ever was the result of her own ad-lib. In those days, the only way that an unmarried female character could so boldly declare that she was no longer in possession of her maidenhood and get it past the censors was if it was not in the script. 

Ms. Nichols kicks ass!

Sorry, neither!

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