View through the arch

Some admin. this morning then, after lunch, walked down the hill to get out in the sun do some local shopping. Called in at a newly opened shop on the way down (some interesting painted 'vintage' furniture) and at the garden centre on the way back (surprised how few plants they had in stock, and came away empty handed).

Late afternoon we were tempted to the local pub by L and M, who were passing through Wooler on their way back home from the beach. Good to catch up with them but, inevitably, the quick half led to two and we stayed longer than intended. Which meant rushing home for a very quick meal before dashing out again for a concert!

There were three local events to choose from this evening, and we decided to go to The Silver Swan, a concert of sacred and secular music, at St Mary's Church in Wooler, as the title piece was written by a local composer. Quite enjoyed that and one other piece, but found the rest of the concert rather heavy going and sombre - not helped by the alcohol in the afternoon, or the pews which very definitely weren't designed for comfort! Liked the view from our seats of the stained glass window and roof through the chancel arch.

Home to catch the highlights of the FA Cup Semi-final - MrM, a Manchester United supporter, was rather annoyed that we had had to leave for the concert before the end of the game...

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