The formally-known-as skiing lake!

We walked the 7 kilometer circuit today and checked out the spring melt. There was a lot of rushing water more or less the whole time, a specially on the outward leg of the walk where the skiing lake empties into a beck and heads seawards.

There's a lot of water! We spoke to people out walking like we were, and to people hacking at ice in an effort to make spring happen faster. The sound of geese and swans honking, flapping and splashing accompanied us. Coltsfoots in all the ditches, bright splashes of gold against the dead, grey, flattened grass. It feels like the world is waking up!

In the sun it was quite warm, there was a chilly wind but the fiber pile came off on the uphill bits. In the shadows it was still pretty cold, there's a huge difference in temperature between the south-facing slopes and the northerly ones, the sunny and the shaded areas, at this time of year.

When we got home we hacked away at ice and cleared some more of the patch outside the front door. We can now get the chairs in the space and soak up the sunshine with a cup of something. Or an ice lolly, for example.

Keith dug through the snow bank to make a snowy path to walk on. The path we made in the winter is miles off the real path, you take the line of least resistance when there is a meter of snow to shift and a lot of deep drifts! The path we made then is now totally waterlogged, it goes over the grass and is making a right mess of it which seems a shame. So now we have a new path, we can walk on snow till the place dries up. If it ever does.

The snow and ice has retreated at a fabulous rate, hard to credit that it can go so quickly. But there's loads left and colder weather promised for the next 10 days. That should slow the melt down and probably reduce the risk of flooding as well. Our earth cellar has a fair bit of water in it, but that's situation normal at this time of year. So far!

Back-blipped this morning, it got so late last night.

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