By craftylady

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

On considering this topic my first thought was to turn to my Dad's collection of soldiers.  In the end I decided to take a less militaristic view.  So I then looked at British culture, heritage and history.  I decided that a celebration of William Shakespeare would be appropriate on this St George's Day.  His influence has come down the ages, especially on our language, how many times we use a phrase in common use without always realising that it was written by Shakespeare, for example: a fool's paradise, as dead as a doornail, be cruel to be kind, more in sorrow than in anger. His plays have been the starting point for many modern films and plays, such as West Side Story ( Romeo and Juliet), My Own Private Idaho (Henry IV).  His portrayal of Richard III as a 'bottled spider' who  seems at his most pleasant "when I most play the devil"  has influenced the way that king has been seen ever since.  Many classical composers have turned to Shakespeare for their inspiration, along with modern day adaptations like Kiss Me Kate (Taming of the Shrew) with the great song 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare'  So my blip for this patriotic theme is one of the teapots from my collection depicting Hamlet and the Ghost of his Father.
Thank you to Chantler63 for hosting this challenge.

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