Delft Blue Tile - MM222

Making my own Delft Blue tile for today's MonoMonday theme 'patriotic'. I have to be honest, I don't care much for patriotism,  I feel it's all a question of fate where we are born, but I think I would certainly fight for the country I was born and raised in and I do feel and remain Dutch even after having spent most of my adult life abroad.

My maternal grandfather was a merchant navy captain, he was at sea when The Netherlands were occupied in WWII and  couldn't return home. Instead he offered his services to the Dutch government in exile and the Allied Forces and sailed many transports and convoys for them, got attacked and shipwrecked twice and did not return to his family in The Netherlands until after the war. The silver medal you see is his, a medal given to captains and pilots in name of the Queen for meteorological services.

The Delft Blue wooden shoes and windmill are farewell gifts from friends when we moved abroad and have moved with us to all the places we've lived :-)

Happy St George Day and congrats on the birth of the new prince ! This week will also see Anzac Day and in The Netherlands we will celebrate King's Day on Friday, plenty of national festivities and commemorations.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's yellow azaleas and the AT147 results.

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