At last the daffodils that I planted very late in pots are coming out. Unfortunately I have lost its name but I don't think it will matter although its a very beautiful one. Since its mono Monday I'll try that. Mono Monday is hosted by Chantler I have just found out. I couldn't see where the brief was but folks are saying it is patriotic and I have already done the image so I shall be Patriotic to Wales, and although I am Scottish I am also British and Wales is part of Britain. See if I will get away with that.

The plumber and the joiner came today and emptied the two small bathrooms. There was a small problem but it was solved. There are always problems, I find with these projects so its a good job we were both here. Mr AF has gone to help out with the two from yesterday's blip who look as if butter wouldn't melt but he worried about how he was going to get them to bed if Mummy and Daddy were late back. I'll be hearing about it soon..............ha ha...... there is usually something to laugh about after the event............      :-)))))

I'm on dinner duty tonight so its going to be salmon and dal with a lorra  veg. Might have time to fit something else in before he comes back.

I must say thank you for all the stars and comments I get. I am not good at replying and thanking individually but I do try to look at your stuff daily and sometimes comment.

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