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BlipaEwan 119...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I take the same photo in the same place each 1st and 15th of each month along with a wee diary of what has happened and how life has progressed for each of them. Bethany on the 1st and Ewan on the 15th.

We managed to get his hair 'tamed. Our hairdresser friend thinned it out a bit  making it more manageable.  We were worried about his head scratching which seemed to get worse since growing his hair. Turned out we had a wee infestation which had to be realty with.  All seems good now.

We got him a Nintendo console he was after this month. His sister get a an awful lot in terms of her skating, dancing and other such activities. He doesn't do much outside of rugby and general playing. I recognized the way he was wanting this for a good wee while with no visible way of getting it. I told him I was going to get one soon but needed to make sure his behaviour and helpfulness kept up. This had the unfortunate effect of him putting too much pressure on himself and getting upset when her thought he'd ruined his chances with wee infractions.

This is him with the neighbours tortoise. They were drawing race lanes for it.

You can check out the rest of this series and see his progress by entering the words tagged BlipaEwan into the Blip Search facility.

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