The Family

I went to work early as I had to leave early for my appointment with the psychologist. It was good to talk to him. He helped me see the parts that we have been successful with rather than only focus on all the things that are still difficult. He also helped me see situations, where I can back off a bit and let others take over for a while to give me a chance to recover from the stress before I have to take responsibility again. 

I got some good and useful advice. 

And then I went to see Helle for some dog training. 

Great training with the border collies. Sadly Biscuit is still trying to recover from his shoulder injury, so no training for him. 

I had an appointment with the doggie chiropractor in the evening. A check up on Biscuit's shoulder - he needs another week of rest and then I have to come back. 

My blip today is a picture of 2 x siblings. To the left it is Hero (lying down) and his litter sister Jazz (sitting) and to the right it is Gollum (lying down) and his litter sister Ex-it (sitting). Jazz is Gollum and Ex-it's mum and Hero is their uncle. 

See you tomorrow 
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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