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Competition Update

We've had some good entries for our blip banner competition (look here), but we know that there are many more great images lurking in your journals and we would like to see more of them tagged #blipbanner. For the background - if you missed it - please look at our previous post here. This is your chance to have one of your blips displayed on the public front page of the site.

We are also looking for other blips to use with a byline as to why you blip, to help attract new members. We've had just a few offerings so far but need more to choose from. We're after a single sentence beginning "I blip to ...". So far, we've got entries like

I blip to preserve our memories for us and for my children to look back on and share with their children.

I blip to celebrate moments of beauty in everyday life.

I blip to save moments that melt away, moments that make me smile.

You get the idea? We want more soundbites like these and accompanying images, which should work together. We hope to use these on the front page with a link back to the journal in question. Get the creative juices flowing and let's see what you can find in your archive. Post a link to the blip in the comments here, along with your words.

We all work better to deadlines. We'll give you a week to get your entries in, after which we'll select a shortlist for the banner and allow everyone a chance to vote for the winner. Good luck.

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