The seat of Arthur

Had to decide priorities today as various meetings clashed.

There was a meeting on ethnic minorities research and the hearings system undertaken by SCRA - available on SCRA’s website - which was of considereable interest. I will catch up on the meeting but it had to cede to other work on planning to engage stakeholders on the digital developments in the hearings system where we have to get arrangements up and running.

Then a meeting with our sponsor branch in Scottish Government to make sure we were up to date on all issues.

A quick (within the speed limit) dash back to the office to have a discussion with another of our volunteers leaders. Arrived a couple of minutes late. Lunch at 15.30.

Then a meeting with internal audit on our support for volunteers, followed by preparation time for tomorrow’s quarterly meeting with our 22 volunteer leaders and dealing with emails.

On my way home to cook dinner (my wife is temporarily chair bound) I passed through the Meadows where the evening light was casting long shadows.

On a day when the press are speculating about the name of the Royal baby - where Arthur is a possible front runner if the bookies are to be believed - this view of Arthur’s Seat seemed apposite.

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