Where's BikerBear ..........

 .............. Now??  (WBBN)

12/18 .........

Well hey, BikerBear is wiv a wabbit!
What a tame wabbit he was too - wild of course ...... but no fear.

He demolished about six or seven of these weeds while I sat and watched him.

In the extras is a gorgoeus birdie - I have absolutely no clue what it is but I know my buddy, Debbi, will be on the mark and able to tell me.

Another great day to include a ferry ride - I did see a dolphin  but he was up an down in a flash and I had no chance of a photo  :o(

Tonight we are many more blippers in the group - a BoBB** of fabulous people.  Roll on tomorrow.

~ Anni ~

**  BoBB - Band of Blippers Bash.

Not just a blipmeet anymore (the is our fifth) but a meeting of great friends who met through blip and just happen to be blippers and meet once a year (so far) in the US and have a wonderful time together.

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