(Roses in a) windfall teapot

I've been meaning to blip the autumn colours and thought that today might be the day, but in fact the lovely clear weather that we were blessed with earlier in the week has vamoosed. Instead it was a wee bit chilly, grey and overcast, with totally flat light.  But after the recent frenetic activity, today was contrastingly calm. I went down to Friday coffee to join the other three that remain (I refrained from referring to us as the Coffee Dregs!) One person is off on a longish overseas trip next week, and another said she wouldn't be able to make it; I suspect that for the next month it will be just S. and me!
After that, I took Meta's soapmaking ingredients to the handmade soap shop as requested. They very kindly gave me three bars of my favourite soap in return! Then I called in at the SPCA charity shop to drop off another lot of donations, and bumped into the slightly eccentric S. from next door. She told me that D., her husband, is "away in Istanbul at the moment, having his teeth done," and then asked whether it was me she had seen yesterday, standing in the middle of the road in my night-attire. The answer was that yes, it was – I was taking what turned out to be my blip photo, and as we'd been so busy I hadn't had time to get dressed before Meta and Claire left at 10am.  I'd driven the car down our scary driveway for them in my pyjamas. But I never go shopping like that.
I could have said "if you wait a few minutes, you could probably see me crossing Vanguard Street carrying a teapot, clothed in daytime attire," because that's when I spied this beauty. I thought it was rather a nice shape, and as Immy loves both tea and Blue Willow pattern, I thought I'd get it for her. It's backstamped 'Doulton's Blue Willow – Made in England'. It also has a horseshoe-shaped mark and a hand-painted serial number. 
It's definitely vintage – possibly 1930s, I think. The lid is not the original, the gilding has worn off the handle and it's slightly crazed on the inside, but it's still watertight and pours beautifully.  A bargain, anyway. I love the spout. The tales it could tell – that's what I always think about old china. Imagine the stories that have been exchanged around the table as it sat there. It probably belonged to someone's granny.
And talking of grannies, I phoned M-i-L this evening to find out how her appointment went at the hospital this morning. She sounded very chipper, saying she thought it had gone well, and that she'd got across the message that she really wants the hip replacement so that she can walk her dog and do her garden again. She said that both Jonathan and Cherie were there, which is great because Cherie knows all about these things. Now we wait and see what the verdict is……

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