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So I get to work and try to log in on the new tablet... it wouldn't let me. I kept getting no internet connection.. I try and try to figure it out knowing tech support is still sleeping and almost gave up and go to plan b - paper until I noticed they didn't sign out of administrator privileges...

Well I didn't see anything I really wanted to mess with but I did find I could set up a wi-fi connection. So I tethered the tablet to my phone and BINGO - it worked perfectly.. Off to my first customer..

Having time between customers and tech support now being awake, I gave them a call. I am going to apologize to those who work in tech support.. When you have to deal with people like me... well...

T S (tech support) - Good morning
Me - Good morning
T S - how can I help you?
Me - I have no data connection 
T S - How do you know you don't have a data connection? please give me your info and.. I see it's working fine
(not wanting to let them know what I did.and a little annoyed knowing it worked with my phone)
Me - I keep getting a no internet connection error
T S - have you tried....   
Me - yes
T S have you tried...
Me - yes
T S have you tried..
(at this point now I was going to play along)
Me - Nope, I haven't tried that, please give me step by step instructions on how to do that..
T S - blah blah blah..
(I sit and do nothing knowing I already tried that, 2 minutes go by)
T S - are you still there?
Me - yep, sorry that didn't work
(this went on for about 20 minutes)
T S - It looks like you don't have a data connection
Me - Is that what it is? no data connection? how is that fixed
T S - all I have to do is activate it..
Me - Works well now, thank you
T S - Your welcome and have a nice day
and somehow I kept my patience through the whole phone call...
Oh and I made it to the next customer with a few minutes to spare..

Looking forward to celebrating my dads 82nd birthday tomorrow.. 

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