shiny things

By josh

sunrise watering

Let's have a small description of the nursery. There are 6 greenhouses with varying capacities and plants
A: No overhead hoses (annoying, the rest have them) but you can flood from the bottom, so once plants are watered in and well-rooted, watering is pretty easy. Pots and trays come in here
B: the tropical house. plants from Florida come here and Lowes, Walmart, and other retailers pick them up
C: the propagation area. Seedlings, cuttings, and seeded plants come here. this is the only greenhouse using metal trays and metal bars for rolling them around. it's a pretty nice set up.
D: where I spend much of my time. Mostly potted plants here, but we have some pansies and big combo pots.
E and F: I don't know, there's nothing there yet.

Each one of these is divided into 5 sections (except E and F) with 12 rows each. All in all, you can fit a freaking lot of plants. For a rundown of how many plants (how many pots as of yesterday. we have hundreds of thousands of individual plants), check out yesterday's post.

So anyway. I was watering in D wing shortly before sunrise and the sun came up, illuminating the spray of water. And here we are.

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