From time to time, some of you suggested Jerry Uehlsmann's photography as a theme for a challenge. Uehlsmann combines two or more photographs to create intriguing worlds where different realities interfere in one another. 
I resisted the idea at first, because it requires either a well equipped darkroom or some skills in Photoshop. Two or three weeks ago, Uehlsmann was suggested again, and I decided to give it a try. And I was fascinated by the possibilities. The Photoshop-skills you'll need are quite basic (here's one tutorial, but there are lots of others on youtube), so the real challenge is finding two images you can combine to create your own enchanted world.  
Attention to details is important here. The best way to start is to create the image in your mind and then to go out and hunt for the images you need. Focal length, POV, lighting etc. are all important to create the illusion of magic. 
For today's blip, I used to shots: One from the church of Nossa Senhora d'Ajuda and another one from our garden.
I called this challenge MAGIC REALISM because I don't want you to imitate Jerry Uehlsmann, but to create your own magic. Use Uehlsmann as an inspiration, but keep your focus on the images that come up in your own mind and soul and then turn them into reality. And: Jerry Uehlsmann does it all in the darkroom!

This week's challenge: MAGIC REALISM
Tag: EP22
Go for: Artistic impression.

You can publish your contribution(s) on any day(s) until Saturday, May 12th. Don't forget to tag it with EP22.
The next challenge will be published on May 12th (suggestions for techniques/themes are always welcome). Hearts for this challenge will be awarded on Monday, May 14th.

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