Bobbing along

I knew roughly what time it was likely to see the dolphins so had a look through the telescope and there they were quite a few of them just bobbing along . So we got ready to go down , one last look through the scope and great excitement as there was a fantastic double breach and then a single. However when we were there they were just hunting so no big jumps captured but I was glad I had seen it.
The day had started very foggy with the Haar hugging the sea.0 degrees too so hope the Guides and leaders were well wrapped up. Once it had cleared it was a lovely sunny day and warm in the sun.
I cleared the pond out as it was still suffering from fallen leaves and there has been no sightings of any frogs etc so it should look a lot better now.
Watched the Arcade Fire gig live on Facebook and used airplay so we could see it on the TV.
Two Roe deer went charging down the hill from the top, I had spotted their white rumps.

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