By Salina_Magar

Having a short memory

I forgot the password to my phone. I was trying hard to recall the 6 pin-code to unlock my phone. I had my mind twisted when I got them wrong numerous times. What makes you go nuts more than not being able to access what is already in your mind. I spent half of my day cracking my brain to remember but at the end, I chose the second option to reset my phone.

Reset!! Now in swish, all my photos, apps, notes and documents are going to erase. I was so frustrated I decided to close my eyes and breath deeply. It was painful knowing that my phone will be empty like a newly unboxed device.

Fortunately, now my phone is brand new with 128 GB space available. Ha - Ha!!

After that, I decided to refresh myself and started collecting photos for Blipfoto. This is a view from basantapur, Kathmandu Nepal. Some moments at Basantapur cheered me up and I remembered that after the storm, comes the calm!

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