By GracieG

A Day of Sport

It's Sunday, it's raining and gloomy, just the day to indulge in a bit of sport on the TV.  M has been in this position on the sofa most of the day, starting with catching up on Match of the day first thing (recorded last night), then watching the British Car Touring Championship, then the F1 Grand Prix live from Baku in Azerbaijan.  I rather like F1, so I joined him to watch this and it was rather an exciting and unpredictable race.  Then back to the British Touring Car Championship.
I'm about to cook dinner, B will be joining us for this...and then I think we might watch a film!
So, definitely couch potatoes today, but we start landscaping and stripping our garden this coming week, (if it ever stops raining that is), so I think we were entitled to have a lazy day today.

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