By royk13

American memorial

This is located on the Mull of Oa, almost the southernmost point of Islay.  It was erected in 1920 by the American Red Cross to commemorate American servicemen who lost their lives in tragic circumstances in 1918.  In February of that year the SS Tuscania, a troop ship carrying some 2000 men, was torpedoed by a German U-boat about 11 miles off the coast. 200 American and British crew were drowned.  Eight months later HMS Otranto collided with another troop ship in bad weather with the loss of more than 430 lives, including 80 British crew.  The tower is about 10 metres high.

On Saturday next, 5 May at 8:00 am, there will be a service at the monument to mark 100 years since the two tragedies.  A number of American and British VIPs will be present, including Princess Anne.  I can't help thinking that President Trump might gain more respect by visiting something such as this rather than his golf course when he comes here in July.

After visiting the memorial we walked along the clifftop.  Golden eagles, hen harriers, choughs and peregrine falcons are just some of the birds we didn't see.  But we did see skylarks, hooded crows, ravens, wheat-ears, swallows, and various unidentified gulls.  Oh, and a buzzard.

The extra, for light relief, is some seaweed tumbling about on the tide.

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