By EvelyneNC

Support for Cailleach

She is number 1 on the popular pages with the biggest number of hearts that I have ever seen. I think that is very good and I hope that many people see the post. I think it totally ridiculous what has happened to her. I do not understand why anyone would snitch anonymously that someone has posted an old picture. How about all the pictures that so many of us posted of our past, pictures of fathers, mothers, family members etc.? Some were worked on a bit on Aviary or the like and that allowed the system to notice the day they had been worked on. But that is, in a clear way, fake, it were definitely old pictures. How about those pictures , that have clearly been altered or stitched together in Photoshop to give the illusion that the place they were depicting, looked in a way that is totally next to reality?
This should incite a discussion about what we, WE , think worth to be published on a certain date for OUR journal.
If I would get  a dollar for every picture that is posted but not taken on the date that it is posted, not even to talk  of pictures that are posted today for tomorrow (!) ... I think I would have enough money for a nice trip.

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