By Jostijn

Schiphol // 03.34am

Part of the service for my brother is to not only bring him to the airport but also get him. The only problem was the system failure at Schiphol this morning (the 29th). A lot of airplanes were cancelled or delayed.

The plan was that he left Barcelona at 21.00h and arrived Eindhoven Airport at 22.15h.

At first his flight delayed one hour. Then, at the moment I was getting to my car (Eindhoven is a 30min drive) he texted that he was delayed again. Shortly followed by another delay (departure at 1.55h). And because Eindhoven Airport closes at 00h his flight would be diverted to Schiphol (that’s 1.15h driving time!) and arriving in the middle of the night, waiting for buses to bring him to Eindhoven and then waiting for me to pick him up at 6.30h in the morning.

So I decided to drive to Schiphol in the midst of night. Eline was already awake again, so we made it a roadtrip.
At that point my brothers plane left Barcelona and in the time that he flew to Amsterdam, I drove there as well. And we both arrived exactly at 3.34h at the airport. :)

Heading back was a lot of fun, because they had a lot of stories to tell about Barcelona.

Went to bed at 5 am.

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