Bluebell Buds

Bluebells seem to settle
among goosegrass and nettle
unfurling each petal,
securely unpicked.

So now, if you too pass,
and see amid goose grass
young bluebells of true class,
please leave them unpicked.

by moi

Knowing you blippers, I'm sure my ditty is preaching to the converted. But this is my Flower Friday offering, with thanks to BikerBear for hosting the challenge.

This afternoon I attended my first physio session for my shoulder. The good news is that the physiotherapist had access to my recent X-ray which showed no arthritis - so that's great! He's pretty sure it is a frozen shoulder and has advised a course of Ibuprofen, plus some exercises that I'm to stop if they aggravate the pain. Then I am to return in a fortnight and he'll reassess it then. He seemed to know what he was talking about even if he was one of those disconcerting people who never once meets your eye. He addressed himself throughout to somewhere around my midriff.

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