This way?

Frantic day again...briefing followed by an annual meeting that really surfaced different approach being taken by the new a direction that we all agree with although tricky transition to communicate to others I suspect.
Very jolly lunch with DA, catching up with him and how he feels about the recent appointment process, as well as general gossip. I enjoyed our chat and the moules frites, but kept being distracted by a group who were behind us but in my line of sight. The man (father?) was weeping at one point, then so was one of the women, then those two went out for a while, then the teenager was clearly upset, and another woman seemed to be trying to comfort them each in turn. But they also chatted and idea what was going on but it was very unusual for a restaurant scene.
Dashed back to the office to do some final shortlisting then over to a very bizarre ‘planning’ meeting. Less planning, more smoke and mirrors!
Caught up a bit before home for a drink and some R&R. Phew!

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