What a day!

Started with the alarm waking me, didn't get in from the count til 1am. The weather was cloudy but lovely warmish sun later.
Went to the garden centre with a friend for coffee and plants.  Did some gardening, took a friend to the doctors, sat in the garden with a cuppa and then went to school.
Whilst working my boss came with a huge bouquet of flowers plus a framed 20 year award.  As I didn't think I'd done 20 years until June I was surprised!  Then some staff from the school came with another bouquet and a huge card from the children and staff, I was quite emotional.  My friend had also come along and took photos which I have put on as extra with the bouquets.
The other extra is something I'd not seen before, a Brimstone Moth, very pretty.
Hope you all enjoy a lovely sunny long weekend

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