By royk13


This morning was the open-air service for the American soldiers and others lost at sea in WWI, for details see my Blip for last Sunday 29 April.  It was quite a moving service and unexpectedly affecting.  Due tribute was paid to the dead and wounded, and to the islanders who put themselves at risk to rescue those who could be rescued, recover as many dead as could be recovered, and the women who worked day and night to make flags to ensure every American serviceman could be buried with his nation’s flag.
The main Blip shows The Princess Royal laying a wreath.  Extras are:
1 The Lord Provost of Dundee, the Honorary Naval Officer, and a Dundee councillor having a cuppa before the service.
2 No sgian-dubhs allowed – an acceptable substitute
3 We remembered we had only visited one distillery in a whole week, which is rather bad manners, so we went here – pronounced culleela
4 Strolled down to the loch this evening to see what I could see, and met this hedgehog grubbing around for slugs and worms

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