Leopard & Buttery

Went to see the leopard sculpture by Kelpies creator Andy Scott. The sculpture stands 5m tall, weighs just over two tons, and sits on top of a 10m high column. It is located within the atrium space of the new £107m Marischal Square office, leisure and hotel development. Not the best place in my opinion. The Aberdeen coat of arms has a shield supported by two leopards; which, according to legend, the beasts were granted by James I as a gesture of thanks to the burgh for underwriting his expenses while he was held captive in England.

The extra is of an Aitkens buttery
A buttery, also known as a roll, rowie, rollie, or Aberdeen roll is a savoury Scottish bread roll. Legend has it that the buttery was made for the fishermen sailing from Aberdeen's harbour. The theory is that they needed a bread that would not become stale during the two weeks or more that they were at sea. The high fat content meant the bread also provided an immediate energy source. They are noted for flaky texture and buttery taste, similar to a flattened, round croissant, with a salty taste. They are often served toasted with jam or butter, or just with tea.

Aitkens bakery has just closed, but mum kept a couple for me

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