Django had his first walk in the Pentlands today, when A and I walked up the Monks' Rig from Ninemileburn. We had a lead with us, but were sufficiently confident that he'd be OK with the sheep that we didn't use it. When he sees them, he has a look which says "I know I shouldn't chase these, and that there's something awfully clever I'm supposed to be able to do with them, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is!" Indeed, the only time he chased after anything was when two mountain bikers were approaching us. A shout from both of us ensured that he came back immediately, but one of them asked sourly, "have you got a lead for that?" Otherwise he was friendly with everyone he met. 

After going over West and East Kip and returning round their west side, we dropped back down the Monks' Rig to Ninemileburn [where Nadinepierce wasn't at home.]

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