Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Left field

Off to Wellingborough for another comeback game with the OU vets. In the end, we had 14 players so I wasn’t absolutely needed. But enjoyed it all and had a good game.
The manager could obviously see that NickMog can play anywhere and so this Right Back spent the first half as a left winger. Came off at half time (a chance to cool down on a roasting day) and then came on again (roll-on-roll-off subs for vets) to finish the game on the right wing (reading the Daily Mail etc).
We went 1-0 up fairly quickly but found ourselves 3-1 down in the 2nd half. Happy to finish 4-3 winners!

Wound home through the rape fields.

Some hot jobs in the garden and, in the evening, entertained some of the neighbours in an impromptu garden party...

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