Pep Ventosa

21 degs today, really lovely Autumn weather.

Doug & I went and had our yearly flu jab this morning, and along with that this year they are offering a shingles jab as well
.....a perk for over 65's - Free !

That done, I headed out to to visit my friend at Temuka for a catch up while Doug mowed the lawns....(I've got life sorted), and by the time I got home he was in the kitchen making quince curd.  (Yes, I know how lucky I am).
On the way home I zipped into the Domain at Temuka and found a tree for a PV (17 images) - the tree is a Metasequoia and was planted by pupils of the Temuka District High School to commemorate the coronation of Elizabeth II in 2nd June 1953.  
A stunning and huge tree with not much of the foliage attached, my PV only shows possibly a (small) half, and in extra shows the form of the leaves.  Looking very rustic dressed in Autumn tones.


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