Lady's Well (and the mortsafe), Holystone

After another late start (MrM arrived back from last night's ceilidh in the wee small hours...), and then a few hour's work, we decided to go out to enjoy some of the warm, sunny weather. And abandoned the intended picnic in favour of a meal out!

So MrM drove us to Holystone for a very short walk through the woods to Lady's Well, which marks the spot where St Paulinus supposedly baptised 3000 Northumbrians during Easter Week AD627. The well was restored and adorned with the cross, brought from Alnwick, in the 18th and 19th centuries, and is now looked after by the National Trust. A very peaceful place in an idyllic setting.

We walked back to the car through the village, and had a look round Holystone church. There's an old mortsafe (extra) in the graveyard - the iron hoops were intended to protected the grave from the body snatchers of the 19th century.

Then a drive - via the scenic route, of course - to the Redesdale Arms for a delicious Sunday dinner. And home, after a lovely afternoon and evening...

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