Here and Now

By Mole


For today’s blip, I was on a completely different and definite track (or two or three or four or five: blooming flowers, dewdrops, dilapidation, something to link to songs in my head and/or poetry I read this morning). With no intention of a MM blip with the theme of solo, at day’s end, two words crept into my crowded head: “Attention Mole!”

So on this wonderful first day cut loose from the hovel - all by myself - solo - yippee - I took the crowd of me, myself, and I hither and thither, and thither, and thither. Without mishaps.

Mr Mole helped break the tie between me, me, and me about which to use for my main blip. Thank you Mr Mole.

“The world is won by those who let it go.” - - - Lao Tzu

Another Moment, Anne Barney

MerrilHope I appreciate your hosting.

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