By Bella888

Boscombe Art

Fellow blipper 13 South featured one of these wonderful ‘street art’ containers yesterday. So I will add to the collection with these two containers nearby, sitting on the site of the proposed ‘ street food’ site. They are part of the ‘Emerging Arts Fringe’ event, which closed* on the 9th. *NB Blippers - these containers are still there.

The art scene is emerging here, with some interesting pockets of the creative arts. A ‘Factory Studio’ in Boscombe (keep saying I’ll pop in). Various pottery, silver workshops led by local artisans. Not to mention the very successful BAU - Bournemouth Arts University (which is independent of Bournemouth University). BAU holds the occasional exhibition which is well worth visiting.

We need more art and culture. Modern Art Galleries have opened at coastal towns in the UK and around the world. Bringing in high spending visitors all year round. We are very short-sighted in the Bournemouth area, where gin palaces, drinking holes, discos are in abundance. And every empty space is snapped up for flats (or recently a prime spot became a multiplex cinema flanked by the usual fast-food culprits).

(Sorry this is sort of wide angle - always mix up Wild and Wide Wednesday. Think Wild has disappeared?)

The artist is Krishna Malla

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