By Doyley22


MissS was here today and what joy it was.  We ventured onto the train to Subiaco for an ice-cream and a little retail therapy - as girls like to do.

BobsBlips theme for today's Wide Wednesday is sun or moon - thanks, Bob.  I was at the clothesline mid afternoon (someone has to do it), with MissS, and noticed the spider's web and the sun.  I thought it might be a different take on the sun theme for today.  The web and the remainder of the composition just appealed to me - something out of the familiar.  The shot was before all the smoke completely engulfed the sun to make it a very bright red.  I was watching the sun develop as I was returning from dropping MissS home just before the sun set.
The extra was a shot with one of the last frangipani.  It was this or that - I liked the simplicity of the clothesline.  

It's been three busy days and I am, again, ready for the sack.
I will catch up with you all tomorrow.  It's another busy morning tomorrow with MstrA's class (yr 1) conducting assembly.     

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