Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

A change is coming...

In more ways than one.   Weather wise, apparently Winter is arriving tomorrow.  Snow is forecast in the mountains and so on.  I find it hard to believe seeing as today was so warm.

Another change is the skyline around this Western end of the harbour.  Lots of apartment buildings are going up.  The two cranes is where a massive block is going but there are new blocks to the right out of sight.  It is close to the Rail interchange where the Sydney train departs from and arrives and so I can see the attraction.

Speaking of the train to Sydney, it was an interesting trip in the Chinese curse sort of way today.  I was flapping my jaw to Gitama and saw an elderly lady struggling with her walker to get on so I went and helped her.  She had a cockatiel called lucky in a small cage on top of her walker.  She told me she was visiting her daughter and had no one to look after Lucky and so brought her with her to her daughters.  Lucky was a one tune wonder.  That whistle is an ear worm at the moment for me and drove me mad.  She pinched my seat too but that was OK.  A good thing it wasn't a quiet carriage. 

The other thing was that three girls (I refuse to call them young women even though they were about 15 or 16 as they were so immature) were making trouble being rude to passengers and throwing bits of rolled up paper at passengers.  They were asked to have a bit of respect and behave but all they did was give cheek back.  I didn't bother to speak to them but when it persisted I stood up and said to the last woman they had harassed that I was getting the guard and with that they disappeared.  

Sydney work was a success and I finished early and got home not too late so all round, it been a good day.

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